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We raise the standard of ethical & responsible technology for planet & people

RAIS: Responsible AI Solutions


Go from why to how

Practical, hands-on solutions for responsible AI, whether you’re building it, using it, or assessing it.

It's not just the right thing to do

Organizations that embed ethical & responsible development practices have major advantages:

  • Increase product quality, reliability and resilience.

  • Avoid huge penalties and reduce losses.

  • Reduce technical debt and build efficiency.

  • Strengthen brand and avoid reputational harm.

  • Comply with emerging regulation.

  • Build a positive culture, while attracting and retaining talent.

  • Increase sustainability, inside and out.

  • Build trust, satisfaction and loyalty with all stakeholders.

Responsible AI checkmark and shield

Corporate culture, policies, procedures and plans

Responsible AI business person

Responsible AI product development

Responsible AI books

Responsible AI assessments, frameworks and action plans

Responsible AI Lady Justice

Legal, regulatory and standards compliance

Responsible AI team meeting

Responsible AI consulting, mentoring and training

Responsible AI business delivery truck

Custom builds: tailored RAI tools, products and frameworks

Access the A Team

Harness the power of our diverse, multidisciplinary network of veteran experts from around the world.

With you at every step

Product & service packages for the full life-cycle, from concept & strategy, to design, development, deployment, and decommission.

Responsible AI people climbing steps

Enhance your workflow with pragmatic solutions for ethical & responsible AI

Responsible AI landscape
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