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Meet RAIS: Responsible AI Solutions

RAIS brings you the power of a global veteran network of Responsible AI experts from a diverse range of backgrounds. Every Associate in our group has deep expertise in at least one related field, from industry, academia, and public & civil society organizations. We operate on a decentralized structure so we can spin up just the right team for each project, and empower our clients with multidisciplinary support.


How we get it done

If you collaborate with us, be prepared to work differently.

As an international network of expert Associates, we operate as a remote-first, asynchronous, decentralised organization. When our clients approach us with a potential project, we curate a team optimised for diversity and expertise. And while your Team Lead will operate in your time zone, you can benefit from global input that isn’t bound by time and location.

By forming flexible, ad-hoc teams not just for each project, but each stage of a project, we can offer a highly efficient way for our clients to access the quality and range of capabilities that would normally be unattainable.

We have a lightweight Executive Team, who take care of operating RAIS and maintaining our standards of excellence. Our projects and products are delivered by our Associates, who have all signed our charter, and participate in all decision-making, which is achieved via a customised structure based (loosely) on the Consent Process, the Advice Process, and Sociocracy.

Executive Team

We coordinate the company and our brilliant group of Associates.

Where we're coming from

Our Associates have collaborated for several years on ethical & responsible AI projects around the world, for governments, standards developers, academic consortia, and many more leading organizations. We banded together to build RAIS to answer the question we keep hearing:


“Okay, but how do I actual do it?”

We provide solutions for ethical and responsible technology – from free DIY manuals to custom tech builds – so your digital world can move from principles to practice.

Through hands-on, collaborative applied AI Ethics, you get not just

what to think, but what to do.


We share a vision of a world of human-machine harmony, in which powerful technologies are partners to people, and protectors of planet.


Our Associates sign up to a stakeholder-led mission that brings our clients, customers and partners into alignment with ethical and responsible technology development, on a continuous journey that will never reach perfection.


Empathy is a superpower

Through care and compassion for others, we can all find ways to better serve people and planet. But we can go further than just “feeling into” others for the sake of moral behaviour: understanding the needs and issues of stakeholders, and seeking ways to solve them, is simply good business.

Diversity is a superpower

It is all too trendy right now to slap claims of diversity, equality and inclusion on every venture. Such “ethical whitewashing” is made easy by the inherently positive nature of the theme. But a diverse, equal and inclusive approach to work is not just a morally good thing to strive for, it’s a proven strategy for building high-performance teams that can solve more complex problems faster.

Humility is a superpower

We've all been on the frontline enough to know that the best of us lead from behind. And we understand the power of listening, incorporating viewpoints, accepting everyone for who they really are, and breaking down barriers so we can be ourselves. Knowledge and expertise are best served with a big slice of humble pie.

Transparency opens doors

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant”, as they say. And by adopting an open, collaborative and accessible approach to our work, we believe that more people can benefit from it, and less bad decisions can slip through the cracks unnoticed. We practice this radical transparency internally, with our clients & partners, and with the world.

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