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Responsible AI Solutions

As a global veteran team, we combine decades of experience from industry, academia, and public & civil society organizations, to deliver highly customizable packages of products and services that integrate with your workflows.

Corporate culture, policies, procedures and plans

  • Develop your Responsible AI policies.

  • Establish your principles, values, ethical red lines...

  • Integrate RAI with product and business workflows.

  • Develop RAI practices within team management, HR, daily procedures...

  • Establish Ethics Leads and Ethics Teams within the organisation.

  • Create governance strategy, policy, codes of conduct...

Responsible AI assessments, frameworks and action plans

  • Responsible AI maturity assessment for any organization or product.

  • Issue, and impact assessment packages for risks, wellbeing, stakeholders, EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion), transparency, and more.

  • Multistakeholder engagement strategy.

  • Organizational readiness, quality, and capability assessments.

Responsible AI consulting, mentoring and training

  • Tailored workshops, coaching, education and skills development.

  • Scenario and incident response planning, red teaming.